If you have already launched an advertising campaign or are just planning it, you are sure to find useful information for yourself.


So let’s start.


What are Google Product Ads or Google Shopping?

Product ads in search (example).



Some statistics

According to the Adthena Search Advertising Report 2018, more than 80% of the clicks of companies in the US and UK markets are commercial ads.


How to prepare for the launch

There is a list of requirements and rules for sellers that must be followed to successfully moderate an account in the Merchant Center.


Accuracy of contact data

The website must contain valid contact information, including a phone number and/or email address.


Order security

A secure SSL server with a valid certificate (https://) must be used to collect and process sensitive user information (such as bank details or credit card numbers).


Return policy

Information about the rules for returning goods must be indicated on the website.


Terms of payment

Information on payment methods and conditions should be clear and accessible.


  1. The website should have the possibility to pay for the order without live communication with the store manager.
  2. If the possibility of non-cash payment is indicated on the site, the data where to make the payment must be indicated (details, y/y, etc.)


The possibility of placing an order

It is necessary to check the entire process of placing an order, including the possibility of adding products to the cart.


Terms of delivery

There must be a possibility of delivery “to the door”.


Image of goods

Must be without watermarks.


Prices and availability of goods

Must match on your site and on Merchant Center.


Product requirements

Key requirements.


  • Product name – You can use the title [name] attribute to tell buyers what your product is called. The title is one of the most prominent elements of the ad. If it is specified correctly, your ad will be seen by those users who need your product. Limit from 1 to 150 characters. Importantly! The title should include the most relevant keywords related to the product.




Incorrect: Jumper 12364


Correct: Newborn Jumper, Gray, [Size] [Brand Name]


  • Product description – The description [description] attribute is used to tell about the product, its properties, as well as technical and external characteristics. The more detailed the description, the better targeting works. Limit from 1 to 5000 characters. Importantly! The description should include the most relevant keywords related to the product.


How to optimize an advertising campaign

Structure options:


A general example



An example of a pet store



The steps of optimization


Optimize product titles and product descriptions.



Divide the general product catalog into campaigns, ad groups, and product groups.



For each segment of the product catalog, develop a bidding strategy, and conduct experiments with automatic strategies.



Track the prices of your products.



Add additional attributes to the feed.



Track the % of impressions received.



View lists of queries, and create lists of minus words.



Add audiences to the campaign, and make bid adjustments.



Analyze the conversion rate not by overall numbers, but by segments.

  • Devices.
  • Regions.
  • Demographic data.


Examples of results

We analyze advertising costs and the amount of orders through the shopping cart.












It is important to understand that product advertising is an effective and efficient tool for online stores. However, as in other types of advertising, you can get the result only in the case of high-quality and professional preparation of the launch and further optimization of the advertising campaign.