Why do you need Facebook Business Manager for a client/customer?

  1. Management of access to advertising resources and information about the company for third-party specialists and agencies.
  2. Management of own advertising assets (advertising cabinet, pixel, product catalog, business pages, map data, etc.).
  3. Control of the contractor’s work results using analytics tools from Facebook.
  4. Having the right business manager improves life as much as possible when transferring a project from one contractor to another or, for example, when changing employees responsible for promotion within the company.

Why does an agency or specialist need Facebook Business Manager?

  1. Access to client assets through a single interface.
  2. Management of client assets.
  3. Advanced advertising features.
  4. Analytics of advertising campaigns.


This is a very useful and convenient tool for both business owners and those who set up ads. It not only simplifies the management of advertising and the transfer of projects between specialists or agencies but also provides more opportunities for advertisers.

Next, we will analyze the creation and configuration of the Facebook business manager step by step.

Step-by-step action algorithm

  1. Create a Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Add your company page on Facebook.
  3. Add your company’s business account to Instagram.
  4. Create a Facebook advertising account.
  5. Create Pixel.
  6. Create a product catalog.
  7. Add employees or contractors.
  8. Assign a role and management objects to each employee in the business manager.



How to properly create a Facebook Business Manager

An important clarification before we begin. Business Manager is created from a personal Facebook profile. If you need to create a Facebook Business Manager, first register your Facebook profile. If it is already there, feel free to go to the instructions.


1. Go to the link: https://business.facebook.com/overview.

2. Click the Create account button.



3. In the popup that opens, fill in all the fields and press the Send button.



It is important to provide real data in case you need to confirm your identity or company.


4.  We confirm the e-mail address. To do this, find the email from Facebook in the mail and click the Confirm button.



5. You will then be redirected to Facebook Business Manager.



How to add a Facebook page to Business Manager

Importantly! You must be an administrator to add a Facebook business page to Business Manager.


  • We copy the address of the business page.
  • Go to the Pages tab in Business Manager and press the Add button.



  • In the drop-down menu, select Add page.



  • Enter the copied URL and press the Add page button.



  • If everything is done correctly, the page will appear in the list.



How to add an Instagram business account to Facebook Business Manager

  • Go to the Instagram Accounts tab and press the Add button.



  • In the pop-up window, press the Connect Instagram account button and then enter the login and password of your business account.



If everything is done correctly, the account will appear in the list.


Note: If your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook business page, it will be automatically pulled up when you add it to Business Manager.


How to create a Facebook advertising account

1. Go to the Advertising accounts tab and press the Add button.



2. In the drop-down menu, select Create an advertising account.



3. In the next pop-up, select the appropriate item and press the Next button.



4. In the next pop-up, select the appropriate item and click the Create button.



5. The next step is to add payment information.



6. Choose the type of payment and press Next.



7. Enter the card data from which you plan to pay for advertising, and press the Save button.




How to create a Facebook Pixel

  • In the Business Manager, go to the Data Sources tab, the Pixels subsection.
  • In the window that opens, click Add.



  • We name the Pixel and insert the URL of our site.
  • Press the Continue button.



  • If everything is done correctly, the new Pixel will appear in the list.



How to create a product catalog on Facebook

1. On the Data Sources tab, go to the Catalogs section and click the Add button.



2. In the drop-down menu, select Create a directory.



3. We give a name to our catalog and press the button Create catalog.



4. Select the Pixel that will be associated with the catalog and press the Save button.



How to provide access to Facebook Business Manager

1. Go to the People tab and press the Add button.



  1. Enter the email address of the employee/contractor we want to add to Business Manager.
  2. Select the level of access and press the Next button.



Importantly! In the email field, you need to enter the address from which the employee is registered on Facebook. If the employee has an account, but only a phone number is added to it, you need to add an email as well.


4. Specify which resources the new employee will have access to, and click the Request button.



If everything is done correctly, you will see the employee’s email in the list with the status “under consideration”.



Once the employee has access, the pending status will disappear.


What is the difference between the role of Administrator and Employee in Facebook Business Manager?

An administrator has the ability to edit, assign/remove access to other employees, and edit accounts and tools. Has access to all resources in the business manager.

An employee can work only with the resources and tools assigned to him.


How to give access to a page, ad cabinet, pixel, and directory to an existing employee

  • Switch to the People tab.
  • Select the employee and press the Add objects button.



  • In the pop-up menu, select objects (from the list) and assign roles.



  • Press the Save changes button.


After that, in the general list, you will be able to see the assigned objects for each of the employees of your Business Manager.