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Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

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The Facebook and Instagram platforms are a great space for advertising your products and services. With the help of targeted advertising tools on social media, you can reach additional audiences, create personalized ads and get sales and inquiries even if you don’t have a website.

What are the main areas of targeted advertising?

  • Advertising of the product catalog for the online store.
  • Advertising services.
  • Ice generation.
  • Promotion of pages and publications.
  • Application advertising.
How we work with targeted advertising



We discuss the goals and objectives of the project. We conduct an initial audit of your project. We form a work plan and discuss it with you.

Payment of services


Based on the agreed work plan, we create an invoice for payment of services.

Performance of tasks


We are creating a Telegram chat for prompt communication on project management issues. We carry out all agreed tasks according to the work plan.



Every week we send a link to the report, as well as comments based on the results of the advertising week in the working chat of the project or to your email. Based on the results and your feedback during the period of work, we make adjustments. At the end of the month, we discuss the general results and form a plan for the next period.

Who works with the project?


Our studio team must work with each project, it includes at least:


– general director of the studio;

– project manager;

– advertising specialist;

– designer (optional).


3% Google

Our team entered the top 3% of the most successful Google partners and received the status of a leading partner for 2022. We have extensive experience in launching and optimizing Google advertising tools.

TOP 15

We are among the top 15 digital marketing agencies of Ukraine. The results of our work are highly appreciated not only by clients, but also by colleagues from the market.

3 600 000 $

We effectively manage our clients’ budgets of more than $3,600,000 per year. Effective management of our partners’ budgets allows us to constantly improve our skills and improve the results of advertising campaigns for our clients.


We have been doing effective and systematic digital marketing for our partners since 2016. For more than 6 years of work, we have formed a professional team and are glad to cooperate with our regular customers, as well as their feedback.

Мы маркетинг-партнеры Facebook

We are marketing partners of Facebook

Входим в топ-агентств digital-маркетинга Украины

We are a leading partner of Google

Мы ведущий партнёр Google

We are among the top digital marketing agencies of Ukraine

Start-up work (if advertising was not conducted before contacting us) + maintenance
Period of work: one month

  1. Registering and setting up Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Creating and configuring Facebook Ads Manager.
  3. Creation and installation of Facebook Pixel (Google Tag Manager/preparation of TK for a programmer).
  4. Setting up web events on the site.
  5. Configure web events configuration.
  6. Preparation of TOR for a programmer on setting up the Facebook Conversions API.
  7. Facebook API configuration control.
  8. Preparation of TK for a programmer for domain confirmation in Facebook Business Manager.
  9. Domain verification control.
  10. Preparation of TOR for a programmer on creating a Facebook Product Feed.
  11. Creation of Facebook Product Feed and grouping of products.
  12. Selection and creation of audiences for advertising campaigns.
  13. Preparation of technical specifications for the designer regarding the creation of advertising creatives.
  14. Development and creation of advertising creatives and texts.
  15. Preparation of the layout of the advertising campaign for approval with the client (up to 3 per month
  16. Creating and setting up an advertising campaign.
  17. Control of advertising campaign effectiveness.
  18. Optimization of advertising campaign settings.
  19. Reporting.

Start-up work (if advertising was conducted before contacting us) + maintenance
Period of work: one month

  1. Facebook Business Manager settings audit / additional settings as needed.
  2. Audit of current campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager.
  3. Audit of the effectiveness of current Google Analytics campaigns.
  4. 4acebook Pixel settings audit / additional settings if necessary.
  5. Audit of Facebook Conversions API work / additional configuration if necessary.
  6. Controlling the transfer of products to the Facebook Product Feed.
  7. Domain settings control.
  8. Selection and creation of audiences for advertising campaigns.
  9. Preparation of technical specifications for the designer regarding the creation of advertising creatives.
  10. Development and creation of advertising creatives and texts.
  11. Preparation of the layout of the advertising campaign for approval with the client.
  12. Creating and setting up an advertising campaign.
  13. Control of advertising campaign effectiveness.
  14. Optimization of advertising campaign settings.
  15. Reporting.

Account management
Period of work: one month

  1. Control of the transfer of goods to the Facebook Product Feed (when working with the product catalog).
  2. Facebook Pixel Event Transmission Control.
  3. Control of the transmission of events from the server through the Facebook Conversions API.
  4. Control of active advertising campaigns.
  5. Optimization measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  6. Work and optimization of segments by breakdowns:
    • placement;
    • audience;
    • advertisement;
    • geolocation
  7. Update of advertising creatives (up to 3 per month):
    • analysis of competitors’ creatives;
    • development of TK for the designer to create advertising creatives;
    • creating an advertising campaign layout for client approval.
  8. Audience segmentation for advertising. Creation of new audiences.
  9. Analytics and reporting.


* the minimum price “from” is indicated


The cost of each project is individual and depends on many factors, which we will be able to find out only after communication and calculation of the project.


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    For each project, a chat is created at the beginning of the work, where there is an immediate exchange of information between the agency’s employees and the client’s representatives.

    This allows you to quickly solve any issues that arise during the advertising campaign.


    We always form critical KPIs for the current project and monitor them weekly to the need to make changes quickly.

    The head of the agency Mykhailo Klyachko is directly involved in KPI control and is generally present in team chats of each project.


    Each project is assigned a project manager who has extensive sales experience and takes charge of the digital marketing strategy.

    In this way, comprehensive long-term business promotion is established with the use of effective marketing tools.


    Each of the specialists has professional certificates and annually improves his qualifications by passing certification from Google services and Facebook ads.

    Our internet marketing agency is a Google partner and a Facebook partner, and confirmation of this is placed at the bottom of the page.


    Goals and objectives are discussed before the start of the project and are based primarily on the client’s requirements.

    If the task set by the client is not realized from the current point of view or its achievement is expected to be a much more extensive range of work, we will definitely discuss it.

    As additional conditions, as a rule, the following directions in the work act:

    – settings of analytics;

    – involvement of additional tools;

    – market analysis;

    – analysis of competitors.

    Thus, the Internet marketing agency Mnews aims to achieve a result, and the process itself can proceed differently in different projects.

    However, in any case, we keep the situation under control.


    A comprehensive approach involves a wider range of work than indicated in the plan. Therefore, we always offer the client changes not only within the framework of the advertising campaign but also those that can improve the work of the project in general:

    – in the operation of the site;

    – in the design of product cards;

    – on the pages of the service;

    – in web analytics.

    Thus, we take an active position aimed at improving the performance of the product as a whole, and not only within the framework of the advertising campaign.

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