Proper installation of UTM tags will allow you to find out how much traffic came from a particular ad. The ultimate goal is to determine which sources bring in more traffic.


What does the UTM label consist of?

Each label consists of 2 parts: _utm – value and variable.

The value is responsible for sorting the transmitted information in the analytics system, which provides grouping of the transmitted variables. Values are static.

The variable is displayed in the analytics system.

They are asked by the user in an arbitrary form. Labels are delimited by the delimiter &.


There are mandatory and optional labels. Mandatory tags should always be used, optional tags should be used only when necessary.



In the table below, we will consider existing UTM labels, their designations, and examples of use. There are mandatory and optional UTM tags, they are divided into 2 groups.


How to create links using a UTM tag

Let’s consider an example. Suppose you want to advertise your online store in Google Adwords.


We recommend a very convenient and simple tool Google Analytics | Demos & Tools.

URL builder link:



The page address (URL) of your product:


In this URL, we will substitute the labels we need, and it will look like this:{keyword



utm_source — channel — google_adword

utm_campaign — campaign name

utm_medium — the source of traffic (CPC (cost per click) — fee per click)

utm_term is a keyword (instead of the {keyword} dynamic variable, google AdWords will automatically substitute the keyword for which the ad appeared).


With the help of such a label, we can always find out that the user came to the site from google_adword, from the instrument advertising campaign, by a certain keyword.




In google analytics, you can find out from which site users came to our site, from which UTM tags, and determine how many pages were visited, how long they spent on the site, whether they made an order and for what amount, as well as other data.


Based on this information, we can analyze the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and draw appropriate conclusions for ourselves.



  1. When using UTM tags, you can always evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.
  2. UTM tags should become an internet marketer’s favorite tool.