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Sergey Maksyutenko

Honest team of professionals!

Sergey Cherny

Great company. Thanks for the fruitful cooperation! Increased the volume of applications. The number of Leads has increased significantly. I hope for further and even more effective development)! Let’s develop and grow rich together)!

Anna Zhuravel

Mikhail and his team are true professionals!
I have repeatedly worked with Mikhail as a speaker, to be honest, this is the best experience: it is easy, reliable and there is always confidence that the event will be held at 120%. A year and a half of joint work and not a single negative feedback from students. I often use Michael as an example 🙂
In addition to partnering with Mikhail, I managed to work with the team as a customer.
I ordered a landing page for an event for
What did you like?
– Quality management support.
— Fast acceptance and execution of the order.
– A minimum of questions on the terms of reference.
– Minimum edits.
— Incredible understanding of the designer.
The designer caught the “mood” that we wanted to convey with the help of the visual from the first time. Me and my entire team were delighted. I recommend!

Andrey Shpilko

I was trained by Mikhail Klyachko in the course “Online marketing for NOT marketers” in the “theorist” mode.
I will say this: it is not given to everyone to clearly explain complex things in simple words. This can only be done by someone who himself understands what he is talking about. Michael succeeded more than.
Frankly, I did not expect such a result from free education. But he was very pleased even despite the fact that he did not become the owner of the super prize – advice from on setting up advertising))).
Definitely, this agency can be trusted to set up advertising – the guys understand their business. I wish them success in development and further prosperity in business!


Olena Yeremenko

We have been working with pleasure since autumn 2019. We are very grateful for the help in opening and promoting our Flexagon business from scratch. That rare case when you can completely trust a team of professionals. I also enjoy attending webinars and master classes conducted by specialists. Lots of useful and well structured information. I look forward to a long and varied cooperation in the future.

Vitaly Khudyakov

Qualified service, excellent service, good results, Mikhail the leader is a good communicator, manager and manager, when we needed a lot of activity and a lot of attention – we were provided with it within the budget, honesty is probably one of the most important CP – competitive advantages , I provided my accounts with passwords and credit cards for payment. We are working for another month now, then we will take a break for 2-3 months, one of my businesses is seasonal in nature – this is the Erickson Kharkiv project, the Canadian representative office for coaching and from March 2019 we will definitely start again to recruit a new group 🙂 I recommend it to everyone.

Anna Solodilova

Good team that knows their stuff. The guys are not afraid of work and interesting, controversial projects.
It’s nice when they can competently answer questions and explain to a non-professional what is not clear.
Thanks for your work!

Sergiy Nezhigay

An excellent speaker, I have been watching him for a long time, both webinars and courses that they open for free access, always concise and necessary information on the merits, without water and unnecessary blah blah blah. Even in paid courses, they often give less than Michael in free ones. Thank you.


Alina Vlasova

From cooperation it is a pleasure =). True professionals in their field. Thanks to the guys, our company was able to solve many of the tasks and goals set, ALREADY for a relatively short cooperation, there has been an increase in all indicators, we continue to work, we are sure that the cooperation will be fruitful, which cannot but rejoice =).

Evgenia Vepretskaya

From the first task, a very responsible approach to work. Similar report and clear recommendations. Tips really work! We plan long-term cooperation in the future.

Asya Kirilova

Thank you Michael for the advice on brand promotion! Answered all questions clearly and to the point.

Nikolai Shakshuevм

Mikhail Klyachko took part in the training workshop “setting up Google shopping advertising”.
Accessible, polite and with attention to the participant, he passed the basics of setting.
I recommend!

Michael, thank you!


Vladimir Bondarenko

Many thanks to for organizing and conducting an online course on integrated store promotion on the site. (05/19/2020 – 06/16/2020).

1. In four weeks, we created and set up accounts for the following services:
– Google Merchant Center;
– Google Analytics;
– Google Ads.;
– Facebook Business Manager

2. We registered the correct connection between the specified services and the seller’s account on the site.

3. We set up automatic uploading of the product catalog from the account to the Google and Facebook trading accounts.

4. Launched advertising campaigns in Google Shopping and Facebook Business Manager.

5. Dealt with the issues of optimizing advertising campaigns and the main metrics for their evaluation.

6. We touched upon the development of e-commerce business and our own brand.

Special thanks to the lecturer – Mikhail Klyachko – one of the few who speaks, explains and shows the need for long-term, systematic and scrupulous work in Internet marketing.
Michael and company, I wish you further growth and development, be the best)

Dmitry Panchenko

Undeniable! In our opinion, there are no equals for Мnews digital agency in Ukraine!
This partly sounds pretentious, unnatural to our realities, but this is a fact, verified by experience and, unfortunately, by financial losses.
Unfortunately, we had the experience of “collaboration” with other companies and freelancers, I will not name them by name, as someone may be satisfied with their activities. We categorically – no! All of them speak a lot and beautifully, and the result in the end is (-), not even (0)!!!
In the market for this service, there are a lot of idle talk – clumsy, picked up general concepts, who do not have experience in conducting this activity and at the same time have a Certificate of Google representatives
As soon as our cooperation took place, with the Mnews team, our affairs began to recover, normalize, and most importantly, acquire a concrete sense of the prospects for becoming, in the direction of success!
Special thanks to Evgeny Saprykin, Artyom Grechukhin, and other team members (our project was led and controlled by 5 people) for full consulting and practical support
Highly professional, effective answers to all questions in solving specific, operational tasks
We did not have to think about the problems that prevent us from moving forward effectively, we did not have time to ask questions, observing how these problems were already solved
Respect, tact, to us, as customers of the service, was impressive and continues to inspire in the implementation of our plans. There are no words of gratitude and gratitude, which we express to this team. A team of really real professionals in their field

After the agreed service period has expired, the Mnews team continues to help, suggest and support us.
Our tasks have become their tasks. Our success has become their success!
This is the only way to build real, fruitful cooperation, growing into friendship.
The Mnews team is undoubtedly the best in the market for promoting goods and services
Good luck in your work and in all your endeavors!
With sincere gratitude, Your customers, partners, friends, IM “BS” team


Elena Kondratenko

I recommend Mikhail as a gifted speaker. Just explain about the folding world of online advertising; get into marketing; sponukat before experimenting and in case of whom you don’t depend on the score, but exactly and honestly it’s important, on how you can get in only the master of the business, the manager of advertising. It’s all about Michael’s strengths. People-vognik, people with a mission in the middle, for such people it is up to go in the light of tomorrow!

Svetlana B.

Hello. I would like to share my feedback on the course “Internet marketing for NOT marketers” from where Mikhail Klyachko was a speaker.
The training lasted 4 weeks, two lessons per week. Mikhail taught us from the basics, right down to how to choose a niche, how to effectively analyze competitors, what data you need to analyze in order for a business to make a profit. Everything was clear and accessible, with examples on working online stores. He opened our eyes – we all appreciated our online stores through the eyes of a buyer.
Special thanks for providing templates-tables for data analysis on the site. We also got acquainted with different promotion channels. During the training, there is already a positive trend in requests from the site.
Thank you very much Michael for your valuable information.

Lilia Ovchinnikova

I have been working with the team of Mikhail and his agency for the 2nd year as a customer from the marketplace. Twice we created landing pages for the Ecommerce award together. in short. I am not only satisfied with the result, but also with the process. Communication is excellent, the design is always stylish and up-to-date, help is always there, especially in difficult moments. This is very valuable. I can safely recommend the team!

Anton Lobas

The guys did an audit of the site and advertising company Google Shopping,
prompted for shortcomings and where to correct errors, everything was done at a high level. Definitely recommend


Anastasia Degtyar

Thanks to and especially to Mikhail for, first of all, a wonderful webinar. Not many people are now engaged in presenting useful information instead of chattering about past merits, and secondly, for the support after the webinar, useful information still needs to be correctly applied, and the availability of help during this period is simply priceless!

Anastasia Degtyar

Natalie Shishko

I liked the online course “Marketing for NOT marketers” very much. For a beginner, this is exactly what you need. A sea of useful information on analytics and business promotion
And the main thing is simple and intelligible, using examples of “live” cases.
Thank you very much to Mikhail, for his patience and endurance, for the ability to delicately answer the questions of NOT marketers))

Good luck and prosperity to you and your agency) I recommend!

Svetlanka Ivanchenko

I thank Mikhail and the curators for the course “Internet marketing is not for marketers”.

A fairly accessible presentation of information, which is rare for our realities in this area. Already during the course, I saw my mistakes and shortcomings (of course, there is a lot of work, but now I see what exactly needs to be done). I recommend cooperation! Thanks to!!!

Moroz V’yacheslav

Back in January, a master class “Effective Google Shopping for online stores” was held by Diya, where Mykhailo Klyachko was the speaker. I am grateful to him for interesting and important information. After this master class, we understood what we need to fix and how to improve work with Google Shopping.
I have remembered all the points that must be taken into account during configuration and analysis, and most importantly about errors, how to avoid them.
Thank you very much for the valuable information.

Tatiana Zimovets

Good afternoon! I express my deep gratitude to the Mnews team for the detailed explanation of the issues in the Merchant Pro webinar!!!! Everything is clearly and clearly stated, the picture of working with the merchant has developed!
I highly recommend studying with this agency!

Dasha Sokolovskaya

Satisfied with the work of this company. I ordered an ad setup. I will definitely contact you in the future. I recommend to everyone

Natalya Z.

Good afternoon! I express my deep gratitude to the Mnews team for the detailed explanation of the issues in the Merchant Pro webinar!!!! Everything is clearly and clearly stated, the picture of working with the merchant has developed!
I highly recommend studying with this agency!

Pavel Isaev

Guys are professionals! I recommend cooperation to everyone! Believe friends – you will be satisfied!

Evgeny Kirbaba

I thank Mikhail Klyachko and – internet marketing for the implementation of my site. We helped to finalize one of the important goals for January 2021 on time! Everything is clear and coordinated. Glad to cooperate!

Vladimir Khomenko

Professional guys, I advise!

Vital Cyg.

He was trained by Mikhail Klyachko on setting up advertising in Google Merchant. an excellent specialist, explains everything very clearly, before the training there was a drain on the budget, after the course sales started, turned into profit

Ti Yena

Today I was at the Merchant Center PRO Workshop. Lots of new and useful information for me. The guys answered all the questions, a very convenient format for communication and learning. Thank you! I liked it very much)