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Anna Zhuravel

Mikhail and his team are true professionals!
I have repeatedly worked with Mikhail as a speaker, to be honest, this is the best experience: it is easy, reliable and there is always confidence that the event will be held at 120%. A year and a half of joint work and not a single negative feedback from students. I often use Michael as an example 🙂
In addition to partnering with Mikhail, I managed to work with the team as a customer.
I ordered a landing page for an event for
What did you like?
– Quality management support.
— Fast acceptance and execution of the order.
– A minimum of questions on the terms of reference.
– Minimum edits.
— Incredible understanding of the designer.
The designer caught the “mood” that we wanted to convey with the help of the visual from the first time. Me and my entire team were delighted. I recommend!