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Evgen Ovcharenko

Hi everybody! For a long time there were rumors about this agency and for a long time they did not dare to start, because the previous experience leaves much to be desired. from the beginning of 2018, negotiations began on the strategy and fronts of work. For 2 weeks, they prescribed a DETAILED (this is an important factor) work plan for each area that they wanted to promote. ACHIEVEMENTS: 1. Since January, the growth in viewing and visiting has grown by 2 TWO times, and this is for 5 months of work !!!!! 2. Calls for TARGETED requests increased by 1.7 times 3. Sales are up!!!!! 4. and FINALLY, we filtered out all the trash that was pouring into us due to an incorrectly selected core !!!!!!! The HYDRO-MAXIMUM company and the whole team expresses gratitude for the excellent work! Professionals you can trust! Traffic to the site continues to grow and we grow with it. We wish the same to the agency! Focus on results, competent approach, attention to detail, constant feedback – IT’S ALL THE SINGLE STRIVE FORWARD and THE DESIRED RESULT!!! FORWARD AND ONLY FORWARD!!!! TEAM-«SUPER! (AGON’) !!!!!!!!!!!!» +++